ROADMAP for project

It’s been a long road! is looking to build a dedicated team ready to help produce a TV show, develop an online game and build out a large scale web project. Even without a lot of help the pieces are falling into place! My old ideas are quite unique but also completely support a semantic open-source model. That’s been my goal for 16 years and I think it’s more valid than ever! The next phase of web 3.0. will either be completely controlled or completely free. A co-op type business model remains one of the few options left. A project of this scale needs lots of passionate people!!

The goals are simple straight forward develop ‘small custom apps’ built on a modular cloud type foundation.
I’ve started from a sustainable business model and kept this alive, next steps involve localization and database developments that are happening behind the scenes.

I’m positive a small team can completely uproot the balance of power on the web with unique ideas and methods. I’m working on the pieces that can be managed and piecing together the coding aspects slowly.

The current ROADMAP for project

Launch a TV Pilot
RE-launch the human organized ‘business directory’
build search engine example site

Working systems:
Signup and listing editor
revenue options to paypal cart
Directory generator for static cache of pages
CMS integration with wordpress (semi functional)
database structure and format 600K topic levels
database GUI editor and import system
business links – 2.4 million

Next Steps and Solutions:
Re-build our music network and user site system
search system overhaul
localization of topics
user matching system game